The Circular City Challenge is back for its second year and is seeking innovative Circular Economy solutions that enable urban transformation towards climate neutrality or even climate positivity within the city, district, or neighborhood.

The transition to a circular economy is key in helping cities reach their climate targets  and ensures a sustainable future.  It offers a new alternative to build more resilient, inclusive and local communities.

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CALL FOR PARTNERS until 31.05.23


More and more cities are committing to climate neutrality in the next 10-20 years.The ecosystem of cities defines what our future lives will look like. With 50% of global waste production and as much as 70% of greenhouse gas emissions, cities are currently the largest producers of waste. Yet they are centers of creativity and innovation where radical new ideas can be explored and applied.

Transitioning to a circular economy cannot be done by one city only. By its very nature, a circular economy requires contributions and collaborations from all parties to remove the barriers that limit this transition.

The Circular City Challenge is an enabler project. It creates the conditions in which significant CO2 reductions become possible. The solutions for this are often already in place; now it's a matter of accelerating implementation at the local level. To this end, we are looking for local partnerships in the first phase.

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call for municipal partners

We are looking for partners, such as municipal institutions, districts, neighborhoods or local representatives, who want to establish more circular economy solutions in your city to become and stay climate neutral or climate positive, thus shaping a livable city of the future.

What does it mean for you?

You will join the frontliners of the circular economy at the level of the city , those who share similar visions and interests towards building cities within the model of the circular economy. Together, we define the challenge areas in which circular economy solutions are needed to achieve cities’ climate goals.

As a municipal partner, you represent your city and form the jury that evaluates the innovations. You select your favorites from the providers relevant to your area of responsibility in order to jointly identify the next steps for implementation.



Partner onboarding


Building strong partnerships in cities and organisations fostering innovation for local needs in the circular economy.

Announcement of City Challenges

July 2023

Information event

September 2023



Monitoring of the implementation

01.12.23 - 30.04.24

Frequently Asked questions

Who is behind the Circular City Challenge? 

The Circular City Challenge is run by Circular Berlin, Circular Munich, Circonnact, Materialkreislauf and Circular Black Forest. We would like to collaborate with several cities in the DACH region that use circular economy approaches to achieve their city's climate goals.

How can I become a partner?

Please send us an email via "Become a Partner" and mention your interest, the name of the city and your role as a municipal partner.

What do I get as a municipal partner?

You can place your own topic to which the circular economy can make a relevant contribution. You can be inspired by the different approaches to solutions and connect them with ideas that exist in your city and beyond. You will expand your knowledge of circular economy solutions and exchange ideas with other cities about their challenges and approaches. You'll receive materials and training to better engage your colleagues on the topic. You will receive concrete support in connecting with solution providers and implementing the chosen solutions in your environment.

What else can I do to support the Challenge?

As non-profit organizations driving this development, we welcome any kind of support, especially for financial contributions and further promotion. You can also help us with communications to raise public awareness of circular economy and create the best conditions for the Challenge winners to implement and develop their ideas in the partner cities.


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